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aaarthur16: thank you Cassie! Oct 10, 2018 9:30:58 GMT -5
DeBorahB: Is there a way to pre-order Survive? Oct 16, 2018 19:52:01 GMT -5
Aunt Nan: Sorry, no. Vera is an independent author who self publishes her work. This gives her the freedom to set her own deadlines and not be pressured to rush through her work to meet a specific deadline. She also graciously posts chapters on Wattpad. Oct 16, 2018 21:12:01 GMT -5
DeBorahB: Oh, ok, I see. I got the books on Amazon so was wondering. Oct 17, 2018 0:47:47 GMT -5
deereverywhere: What a blessing to have found such a Storyteller. Vera is creme de la creme of Authors. I keep shouting "read these books!!!!!". Hopefully someone hears 🐱🌟 Nov 10, 2018 13:37:15 GMT -5
DeBorahB: For everyone celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Nov 22, 2018 0:46:55 GMT -5
JP Kent: Tiri was Robbed! Just sayin.... Nov 24, 2018 19:16:01 GMT -5
jules64: We are The Rim! :) Nov 25, 2018 10:20:53 GMT -5
aaarthur16: Question are we reading Survive or Win part 2? 16 chapters into "Survive" and still Gwen has not won and the games have not been concluded> Someone please explain! frustrated aaarthur16 aka aaarthur12. Nov 29, 2018 18:21:50 GMT -5
JP Kent: AAArthur, Win was part 3 and Survive is part 4. I can understand your frustration but this is very common in multi-book series to not have everything resolved in a single book or for things thought to have been resolved to no longer be so. Nov 29, 2018 23:34:45 GMT -5
aaarthur16: Sorry JP Kent: The above question was a rhetorical question for Vera. Nov 30, 2018 18:44:48 GMT -5
Vera Nazarian: you seem to be using the external Shoutbox to ask questions that are more appropriate as posts inside the forum. Have you actually ever logged in? Because the forum is where all the action is. This shoutbox is kind of like the "front door." Nov 30, 2018 23:35:13 GMT -5
Aunt Nan: Aaarthur16: I see you joined us quite some time ago and have yet to post anything in the forum. This Shoutbox is really not the place to post your questions, whereas you will most often find answers in the various threads within the forum. Log on and see Nov 30, 2018 23:50:50 GMT -5
JP Kent: We Are...... THE RIM! Dec 1, 2018 4:14:59 GMT -5
jules64: Congrats to Vera and Win for being a winner in the science fiction category in the Fiction Awards on WattPad Dec 28, 2018 11:44:32 GMT -5
teddismith: Thanks it sounds fun Mar 21, 2019 15:53:23 GMT -5
Béa: Time to go voting for SURVIVE for the Wattpad Fiction Awards 2019! Just comment +1 in front of the name of Survive (scroll down up to the Best Science Fiction story almost in the end). Here’s the link: Aug 9, 2019 21:00:49 GMT -5
scifirocks: Suppose this next book will ever be published Aug 22, 2019 20:27:24 GMT -5
So.InLoveWithKass: scifirocks, Survive will be published this year - Vera has said most likely in December. So not too much longer to wait! Aug 25, 2019 16:25:41 GMT -5
scifirocks: Yea!!! Aug 25, 2019 19:13:18 GMT -5